Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's been a long time

Yeah nobody reads this, but I want to go ahead and do this anyway. New expansion? Well maybe not so new anymore, but new enough!

I didn't know they could make the quest progressions better after Wrath, but they managed to do it again. I love how the quests flow, how some just pop up and don't make you return to the questgiver to turn it in. It's great! Not only in the new zones, but in the new quests they replaced in the low level zones.

Thousand Needles is awesome, I played through it a few times on both factions, I'm a big fan of the new underwater element they added to the game. Which brings me to Vashj'ir. Not sure if it's my favorite new zone, because Hyjal just brings me back to Warcraft 3 and the memories of playing through it the first time. I had such a hard time with that level.

I have a few new characters to comment on. I made a Worgen warrior, and got him up to level 60 pretty quick. It took like 8 months to get my first character that high in vanilla WoW, but this guy went ridiculously fast. My druid is 85, first there of course, with the paladin behind him at 84.

Oh, I've been soloing Heroic Underbog randomly with my hunter at level 82 in an attempt to become exalted with Cenarion Expedition and get the hippogryph mount. It's monotonous, but it'll be worth it. I got the Wintersaber mount with my priest too, that one went pretty quick once I upgraded her flying skill. That one has been in the works for a while, so I was pretty happy to get there.

Hmm, shaman at 82, got my DK to 80 somehow, he was really easy to solo with, almost like the pally, but can't heal himself. Warlock at 74 or 75, she's the one I'm working on right now until I get out of her rested XP range. I went destruction for leveling and I'm excited for chaos bolt. I first went with a warlock for a felguard, but I gotta see this chaos bolt in action before I change specs. I'll have that felguard later.

Rogue is still 70, he probably won't budge for a while, and the mage brings up the rear, at, umm, something around 50, but I can't remember. He'll be the next project. The whole water elemental as a pet thing really helps for soloing, mages were pretty rough before, almost as bad as rogues.

Ok, that's enough for now, I might update a every now and then though. Who am I even talking to, nobody reads this!


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Rob said...

welcome back XD

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I got the Wintersaber mount with my priest too.

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